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Kiski Area Soccer League

Dedicated to the development of the game of soccer in the Kiski Valley

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Please identify and contact the appropriate person using the directory below.  Going to the top first often results in time delays as issues generally get referred back to the person in charge of the program area.  Should that person not respond adequately, please contact the Club President for response and/or additional support.

Member Position Email Phone

Chris Grine Vice President Travel Email 724-681-2532
VACANT Vice President In-House   
JP Giunta Treasurer Email 724-448-3594
Lindsay Watkins Secretary Email
Laura Wilson Travel Director Email
VACANT Coaching Director

Sheryl Zidek Registrar - In-House (U5, U6, U7) Email 724-882-7824
Dave Keibler
Registrar - In-House (U8, U10)Email 724-882-5552
Brett Andree In-House Referee Assignor    
VACANT Travel Referee Assignor    
Melany Andree Concessions Email  
Brett Andree Spirit Wear Coordinator Email  
Bryan Jankosky Fields Coordinator      
Jenna Moxon Equipment & First Aid Email  
Cynthia Bilbie

VACANT TopSoccer Coordinator

Kerry Geer Fundraising Email
Amy Yasczak Fundraising Email  
VACANT Uniforms

Amee Walko KASL Cares Email

Risk Management
Lance Williams Web Administrator Email 724-875-7605


Why should I Volunteer My Time?

The income generated at the concession stand is an important source of revenue for the club. The money raised is fuel for our growth and stability. We work hard to keep the cost of the program as low as possible and this helps us do just that. Please make sure you get with your coach to sign up or contact a board member to get involved. If we have more people helping it will easy the load on our current volunteers.

We do many things so that the kids have a safe and fun environment to play soccer. Many times parents show up and things are just done and few may see the work required by the volunteers we have. We need more help from all members!

We are asking for a better balance with our volunteers. We are requesting that each family serve two hours this spring. We have plenty of things that you can help do before, during or after the season.

1. Prior to the season we require help on field day, moving the 16 soccer goals out onto the fields, setting up fields and getting them painted, paint the concession stand and equipment shed (emails will be sent out with dates and times three weeks prior to the date as well as posted on the home page).

2. Each week fields need to be painted during the season (on Thursday or Friday) contact your team coach to coordinate this (perfect thing to do during your child’s practice). Let’s help our coaches who are already volunteering! Teams with the first game on Saturday are responsible for making sure this is done but anyone can help!

3. Saturday morning’s we need help setting up the fields (benches moved out, flags set up, signs placed and trash cans set out) come to the fields at 8:50 AM to help (perfect time to help when you have at 9:30 game). This is a fast and easy task with help!

4. Field clean up is required each Saturday (trash cans emptied and removed following last game of the day) we will ask the teams that have the last game of the day to help with this. We station one can between the U10 fields, one by the U8 field and three across the U7 and U6 fields. This has helped with minimizing the trash on the fields.

5. Following the end of the season we must remove all the goals from the fields (emails are sent out with dates and times).  This requires many hands and will be quick and easy if we have help!

We hope that more people hear the call for help and join us!!

Kiski Area Soccer League (KASL)

Contact Us

Kiski Area Soccer League

Northmoreland Park Markle Road 
Apollo, Pennsylvania 15613

Email: [email protected]

Kiski Area Soccer League

Northmoreland Park Markle Road 
Apollo, Pennsylvania 15613

Email: [email protected]
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